Two juveniles killed in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (First Alert 4) – A woman arrived at the Festus Police Department on Tuesday morning after two children were killed, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said.

At an afternoon news conference, the sheriff’s office said a woman arrived at the Festus police station and stated that she had killed her two children. Officers discovered that one of the children had been shot in a car parked outside. They went outside and tried to save his life, but the child was pronounced dead.

When the woman arrived at the police station, the woman’s clothes were wet. After further questioning, officers went to the Timbercreek resort area in rural Festus, where they found another deceased child, who was believed to be a drowning victim. Once again they tried to save lives.

Officers then began searching for the third child, who was a related family member. They managed to find the child alive.

The children’s names and ages were not released, but authorities said they were both under 10 years old.

The woman was detained. Her name has not been revealed.