Vladimir Putin ‘will attack Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands’ if Ukraine uses British weapons on Russian territory

A Kremlin spokesman said Vladimir Putin could attack British overseas territories if Ukraine uses British weapons against Russia.

Foreign Office spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that Moscow would retaliate by striking targets in the UK if the attacks took place on Russian soil.

Zakharova repeated concerns first expressed this month after Lord David Cameron said Kiev had the right to use weapons to hit targets in Russia.

Moscow was outraged by the Foreign Minister’s comments and responded by organizing exercises simulating the launch of tactical nuclear missiles.

Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar


The latest threat appears to cover a number of overseas territories, including Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands.

The UK has committed £12.5 billion in support to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February 2022, according to the House of Commons Library.

The UK is also hosting a training program called Operation Interflex, with support from a number of allies.

Putin was reportedly already looking into the Falkland Islands due to the “incredible” amount of oil found in the region.


Falkland IslandsThe Falkland Islands were occupied by Great Britain in January 1833Getty

Dr Chris Sabatini, senior Latin America fellow at Chatham House, told “It’s obviously quite an astonishing amount.

“It’s too much to leave it there.

“Argentina owes the IMF $40 million and has a huge reserve in its backyard.”

He added: “Russia will continue to challenge the rules-based order and seek to create chaos, but unlike China it doesn’t really have the resources to exercise.

“The Falkland Islands are a potential flashpoint, although Javier Milei has been much more conciliatory on this issue than the previous Peronist regime.”

Vladimir Putin

Putin may attack Great Britain over arming Ukraine


Anglo-Russian relations reached a new low last month after two men were charged with helping Kremlin intelligence.

Dylan Earl, 20, from Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire, and Jake Reeves, 22, from Croydon, London, are under investigation following a warehouse fire in March.

The prosecution’s case alleged that the Wagner Group obtained the support of both men on British soil.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office summoned Russian ambassador Andrei Kelin over the allegations.

An FCDO spokesman said the UK remained “deeply concerned about allegations of Russian-organised malicious activity on UK soil.”

They added: “We will continue to work with our allies to deter and defend against the full spectrum of threats that come from Russia.”