Mahira Khan and other Pakistani stars show solidarity with Palestine after Israeli attack on Rafah

Israel is facing criticism around the world over its latest attack on Palestine that killed 45 people, sparking intense reactions on social media. Several Pakistani celebrities, including Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan, Anoushey Ashraf and Hania Ahmed, took to social media to raise awareness about the situation in Rafah and urged their followers to support the victims. (Also Read: Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Swara Bhasker, Dia Mirza: 8 Indian celebrities show support for Palestine after Israeli attack on Rafah)

What did they say

Pakistani celebrities have condemned the Israeli attack on Rafah.

Mahira expressed her pain on Instagram. She shared several photos and videos showing the atrocities suffered by the people of Rafah. She wrote: “Burn people alive! While they slept in tents that were “safe zones”! Repeated refugee bombings! What the hell world do we live in? Who are these people who can look at burned, decapitated children and not be shocked to the core? This power-hungry world has failed you, Palestine.”

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Model and actress Amna Ilyas shared a similar sentiment and wondered about the state of the world: “When will this all end? What world do we live in? It’s definitely turning into hell. Humanity has abandoned the world.”

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Actress Yumna Zaidi also urged people to “stand up for Palestine.” She wrote on Instagram: “Another Israeli attack on Rafah killed several people. Stand up for the truth.”

Actor Ali Rehman Khan emphasized the enormity of the brutality, saying: “Charred and decapitated children! Tents were set on fire and they are still pretending to be victims? This is genocide! And the world must wake up! The greatest war crime humanity has ever seen, and humanity and its torchbearers have failed. May Allah have mercy.”

Actors Hania Ahmed and RJ Anoushey Ashraf also condemned the attack, saying: “Israel is now burning people alive in Rafah.”

Musician Umair Jaswal also posted a widely shared graphic depicting Rafah as a burning hand, with the hashtags #Palestine and #Genocide.

Actress Zara Tareen called for a digital protest on June 1 and marked it as ‘Global Logout Day’. Her Instagram post called for a 24-hour boycott of social media platforms. It read: “Global logout day. Meta and Instagram silence and limit free speech. Let’s log off for at least a day to let them know that the subscriber has the power, not the platform.

Writer Fatima Bhutto wrote: “We should not rest until this is over. My heart hurts.”

Know about the conflict in Israel and Gaza

The war in Gaza began after Hamas terrorists attacked southern Israel on October 7, 2023. In an unprovoked attack, Hamas terrorists killed civilians, including women and children. Terrorists have kidnapped hundreds of Israelis and taken them to their stronghold in Gaza.

While efforts for a second or permanent ceasefire continue, Israel has launched an offensive in Rafah, Gaza, defying demands directed at it from countries around the world, including the United States.

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