An Alabama woman who lost her leg in a freak boating accident needs help with medical expenses

A Citronelle woman faces a long road to recovery after she lost most of one leg and suffered severe damage to the other when struck by a propeller during a freak boating accident earlier this month.

According to her husband, Tommy Goodman Jr., Nikki Goodman was injured May 15 while the couple was traveling from a boat in Chickasaw to Gravine Island in Baldwin County.

Tommy Goodman told WALA in Mobile that a hydraulic cable attached to the boat’s steering system broke, causing the boat to spin violently, sending both Goodmans into the water.

Nikki Goodman was struck by the boat’s propeller, which severed her left leg above the knee and caused a deep gash to her right leg. Tommy Goodman managed to pull himself back onto the boat and heard his wife screaming for help.

Tommy pulled Nikki back onto the boat and used bungee cords and other items as makeshift tourniquets to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, another boat passed by and stopped to help care for Nikki and call 911.

“It was a man and a woman. I would love to find them and thank them because they helped save my life,” Nikki Goodman told the television station. “They were already on the phone calling 911. He immediately got on the boat with his husband and started helping him. I don’t want to shake his hand. I want to hug his neck and just say thank you.

The Goodmans married in February 2016. Tommy Goodman is a construction foreman. He wrote on GoFundMe that the funds collected will be used to cover the costs of treatment and equip Nikki with a prosthetic leg.

“I will miss a lot of work taking care of her and going back and forth with her to therapy and doctor appointments,” he wrote. “She has a long recovery ahead of her.”

As of Tuesday morning, $3,850 had been raised for a goal of $15,000.