The court heard the defendant appeared “calm” after the boy fell from the cliff

None of the children can be named for legal reasons.

Anthony Balding, who was walking with his partner on the clifftop, said the boy “seemed quite lively” and was walking along the grassy embankment with his arms outstretched as if trying to keep his balance.

Stocks was walking a few steps behind, very fast, as if trying to keep up, and seemed quite determined, but not very happy, he said.

Balding said: “I heard some commotion, maybe screaming or something, at first I didn’t see anything, but then to my surprise I noticed two figures where they weren’t supposed to be.”

He said the boy appeared to be standing on the wrong side of a security fence, close to the edge of a cliff, and the other figure was just behind him.

“I also saw something fall,” he added, but said he didn’t realize it was a boy.