“Beware of sharks in shallow waters.”

A dead seal with shark bite marks was spotted off the Cape over Memorial Day weekend. (Photo by Sharktivity)

Seals were found dead along Cape Cod over the holiday weekend after being bitten by sharks as the apex predators return to prey on marine mammals.

Great white shark scientists reminded people ahead of Memorial Day weekend that great white sharks are now returning to New England.

Signs of great white shark activity continued over the long weekend when dead seals were spotted.

“Dead seal with shark bites found overnight on Mayo Beach (Wellfleet),” reads a post on the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app.

“Dead seal. “Shark bite marks,” reads another Sharktivity post, in which a seal is said to have washed up near Earle Road Beach in Harwich.

Hundreds of seals were spotted on Cape beaches last week, attracting sharks that prey on seals and other prey from summer to fall.

“Remember to be aware of sharks in shallow waters, avoid areas where seals or schools of fish are visible, and stay close to shore where emergency services are available,” the New England Aquarium wrote.