Three police officers were injured during a protest by a pro-Palestinian crowd in Westminster

Author: Milo Pope

07:00 May 29, 2024, updated 07:59 May 29, 2024

Three police officers were injured during a pro-Palestinian mob protest outside Westminster, while 40 people were arrested for offenses including assault and obstruction.

One officer suffered serious facial injuries after being hit by a bottle thrown by a crowd on Tuesday evening, and two officers suffered minor injuries.

The Metropolitan Police said the suspect who threw the bottle had not been identified but police were investigating.

The protest, organized by a coalition of groups including the Palestine Solidarity Group, began around 6 p.m. yesterday and was scheduled to end at 8 p.m., police said.

Most of the crowd, numbering between 8,000 and 10,000 people, left Whitehall without incident. However, a group of about 500 people remained, and the police began to make a number of arrests for failing to comply with the order.

Three police officers were injured during last night’s protests by a pro-Palestinian crowd outside Westminster
Pro-Palestinian supporters chant slogans such as “Hands off Rafah, end the genocide” while marching in front of Big Ben on May 28
At 6pm yesterday a crowd of around 10,000 people organized by a coalition of groups began protesting outside Downing Street

Police said some of the crowd resisted arrest, requiring the use of force to remove those arrested, before the protest ended with the crowd marching on Bridge Street, outside Westminster station, where police set up cordons to stop the group.

A police statement said they entered the crowd shortly before 10 p.m. to arrest people suspected of leading a separatist protest, with 40 people arrested for offenses including breaching the Public Order Act, blocking a highway and assaulting service personnel. rescue services.

At around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, police said all protesters had left the area and Bridge Street had reopened.

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Videos posted on social media on Tuesday evening captured the moment when swarms of Palestinian supporters took over the streets around the parliament and then began banging on car windows and the double-decker buses surrounding them.

A group of police wearing high-visibility jackets and helmets were seen scuffling with activists, while footage shot by protesters showed masses of chanting crowds blocking roads and rioting in the streets.

The video, filmed at 10.30pm, showed large crowds of protesters screaming as they came face to face with Met Police officers – the same location also saw dramatic protests in France and Italy.

In earlier footage, filmed outside Downing Street and shared on X, formerly Twitter, cops could be seen scuffling with passersby, and one woman was seen on the ground as officers pushed through the crowd.

The protests were organized in response to Sunday’s Israeli airstrike on a tent camp in Rafah that killed at least 45 people – an incident that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a “tragic misfortune.”

The massive demonstration was organized by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and saw tens of thousands of people displaying messages including: “Stop bombing children,” “All eyes on Rafah” and “The massacre of over 14,000 children does not equate to self-defense.”

Pro-Palestinian supporters wave Palestinian flags and hold placards as they gather outside Downing Street in central London on May 28, 2024, during a “Hands off Rafah, end the genocide” rally, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza
Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gather outside Downing Street after Israeli attacks on Rafah in Gaza
In Paris, we saw people climbing historical monuments, waving banners and flags
People gather to take part in a demonstration, holding flags and banners to express their solidarity with Palestinians at Republic Square in Paris

Chants: “We are humans!” We will not be silenced! Stop the bombing now, now, now” could also be heard on the streets as demonstrators demanded an end to the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

The huge rally left normally busy roads completely blocked and unavailable for use as large numbers of protesters took over the streets.

The ruling came just three weeks after Downing Street was surrounded by thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters after Israel seized the Rafah border crossing.

Speakers at the rally included Jeremy Corbyn and militant rail union boss Mick Lynch.

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Around 5,000 protesters arrived at Number 10 with posters from the Socialist Workers and the Palestinian Forum in the UK, which is reported to have links with Hamas.

The signs included “All eyes on Rafah” and others with the genocidal phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

There were also huge demonstrations in France, Italy and Poland on Tuesday as activists marched to show their support for war-torn Palestine.

Last night in Paris and Bologna, demonstrators blocked roads and scaled historical monuments as activists called Israel “killers” after Sunday’s deadly airstrike.

Thousands of French people stormed through cities such as Paris, Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg to show their solidarity.

Footage recorded in France shows protesters waving red, white, black and green flags, wearing keffiyehs and chanting “We are not killing a child, neither Jewish nor Palestinian: stop bombing, free Palestine” and “Reef, Gaza, we are with you”.

In Paris, thousands of people gathered at the Place de la République to express their unwavering support.