A viral video shows a man performing dangerous car stunts on Mumbai roads

'Police will upload part 2': Viral video shows man performing dangerous car stunts on Mumbai roads

The video sparked outrage, with users condemning the reckless behavior.

Mumbai traffic police are investigating a viral video showing a dangerous stunt performed on a moving car. The video, shot in Mumbai, shows a man standing on the roof of a Maruti Swift with a Rajasthan number plate.

Authorities were notified about the video after it gained widespread attention on social media. The Mumbai Traffic Police responded on its social media platform by tagging Navi Mumbai Police, suggesting that the incident may have occurred within Navi Mumbai’s jurisdiction.

Watch the video here:

The disturbing footage shows a man in a colorful T-shirt standing on the roof of a white Swift, appearing to be driving with no one at the wheel. This reckless act shows a complete disregard for safety, endangering not only the person on the roof, but also everyone on the road.

The video gained popularity after it was uploaded to the Twitter-like platform by a user named Siya. The caption, written in Hindi, jokingly suggested that the police would upload “part 2” of the video, hinting at the consequences of the stunt.

The video went viral, racking up nearly 200,000 views. Social media users have been sharing and commenting on the footage widely, highlighting the dangers of the stunt.

“Please ensure that his driving license is revoked so that he does not endanger the lives of others. Road par sabko aise logo se gi khatra hai– commented the user.

“Why only Challan? Such cars should be confiscated. The driver should go to prison for endangering his life and the lives of others,” wrote another user.

“I do not agree! The real crime is the poor graphics on this car,” commented a third user.

The Mumbai traffic police are likely to use the registration details to identify the car’s owner and take legal action. The specific charges will depend on the findings of the investigation, but could include penalties for dangerous driving, driving without a license (if applicable) and endangering the safety of others.

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