accident on national road 130

Another accident this morning just before 7 a.m. at the intersection of national road No. 130 near Decimomann.
Three passenger cars were involved and already after the first reconstructions the dynamics seem quite clear: a black Volkswagen Polo driving towards Decimomann with three women inside did not stop at a stop sign and collided with a white Mercedes Vito, in which three employees were traveling. we went to Cagliari. In turn, the company vehicle hit and overturned a white Dacia Duster driven by a woman who was stopped at a stop sign at the time.

The victims included three injured people, all of whom were taken to hospital under code red: a 12-year-old girl with a concussion, a woman with difficulty pulled out of the car with a neck injury, and another woman with blunt trauma.
Firefighters and four ambulances arrived at the scene: a medical ambulance from Cagliari, an India 19 ambulance from Uta, an Alpha 35 from Elmas and volunteers from Monastir.
Traffic jams and queues for about a kilometer.

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