Cape May Co. officials Threaten Unruly Teens After Weekend’s Troubles on Jersey Shore – NBC New York

After a weekend during which a state of emergency was declared in Wildwood and panicked crowds fled from being stabbed on the boardwalk in Ocean City in Cape May County, New Jersey State’s Attorney Jeffrey Sutherland is threatening to bring charges “and possible permanent indictments” against teenagers who cause problems in Jersey Shore this summer.

“To those who come to our communities to cause unrest, I warn you that your bad decisions and bad actions will not be tolerated and law enforcement will use all legal means to arrest and charge all violators. Instead of perpetuating positive memories, you will be charged with potentially lasting records that will impact your future,” Sutherland warned in a statement.

In a similar statement, Cape May County Commission Director Len Desiderio said he saw videos over the weekend showing “several violent, lawless youths roaming our boardwalks looking for innocent victims to terrorize and assault.”

“We will not tolerate this and we will not allow these bandits to steal the summer from our families, businesses and visiting friends,” Desiderio said in a statement.

Both Desiderio and Sutherland praised law enforcement officials for their response last weekend.

Discussing the incident in Ocean City, New Jersey, in which crowds fled after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in an incident that took place Saturday evening on the boardwalk between 9th and 10th streets, Sutherland said that “ charges will be brought.”

Sutherland also said the incident is still under investigation.

However, no arrests have been announced yet in connection with the incident.

Sutherland also said police quickly contained both the stabbing and another fight that broke out on the Ocean City boardwalk over the weekend.

In Wildwood, which closed its boardwalk amid concerns about “civil unrest” following an influx of teenagers and minors into the area over the holiday weekend, Sutherland said that by calling for a state of emergency, police officers allowed them to maintain control of the area and prevented ” escalation of the situation.”

Like in Ocean City, police announced no arrests in Wildwood due to the state of emergency declaration.

In fact, the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority has stated that the state of emergency is only a “protective measure” and that no serious incidents have ever been reported.

Instead, Sutherland said law enforcement officials took these steps to ensure Jersey Shore communities have the opportunity to allow visitors, families and residents to “create positive memories.”

“All residents of our coastal communities in Cape May County can rest assured that law enforcement is here to keep our guests, families and residents safe so they can enjoy their stay, create positive memories and continue family traditions,” he said in a statement .