Customer criticizes Australian cafe after being charged ‘heating fee’

A coffee shop came under fire after charging a customer $1 to warm up a raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

A customer was shocked to discover he was charged a heating fee to heat a $US7 ($5.00) muffin at a Melbourne cafe and shared a photo of the bill on Facebook.

– A fucking dollar to warm up my muffin? Such nonsense that you just shake your head and wonder where it’s all going,” he wrote under the photo.

The customer said he decided to order a muffin after the waitress asked him if he would like a second coffee.

“I said yes, but I also said I wouldn’t mind a muffin because they looked delicious. After some friendly banter, we agreed that the guilty pleasure of eating a white chocolate muffin would be worth it,” he wrote.

A customer was shocked to discover he was being charged for heating a muffin at a Melbourne cafe.

“Then I was asked if I wanted it heated up. Cold morning in Melbourne. Sure why not?”

In total, the man’s bill was $4.50 ($3.00) for a long black coffee and $8 ($5) for a muffin with an additional charge.

He claimed he was not informed about the $1 surcharge.

“They just add it to your bill without telling you,” he added.

The man said he understood that expenses were rising amid the cost of living crisis, but argued that customers should be informed about additional charges.

– A fucking dollar for warming up my cupcake? This is so bullshit that you shake your head and wonder where it’s all going,” the customer wrote on Facebook. Facebook

“The food and service were great, but never forget how you leave people, because it’s the last experience or in case you leave the last taste in their mouth.”

The man’s Facebook post went viral, receiving more than 870 comments and 1,000 reactions before it was deleted.

Many people online expressed shock at the additional fee, as well as the price of the cupcake itself.

“I can’t believe they charged you $1 to reheat a muffin,” one woman wrote.

“At $7.00 ($5.00), this had to be the best muffin ever – I would never pay more than $5.00 ($3).”

Others advised the man to go to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, saying the allegations should be disclosed.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, a spokesperson for the cafe said the $1 charge – which was listed under “heat standard” on the receipt – was an “error”.

“We do not, nor have we ever, charged a fee for reheating our wonderful baked goods,” they told the newspaper.

The spokesman also slammed the client for sharing the post on Facebook, suggesting he could have discussed the matter in person.

After the post was shared online, the cafe received many calls and messages, and according to the publication, the owner also received death threats.

“Unfortunately, this has become a huge problem that could have been easily solved without a lynch mob caused by the negligence of an influential keyboard warrior.”

The client stated that he understood that expenses were increasing in the face of the cost of living crisis, but argued that customers needed to be informed.

In response to the backlash, the cafe shared a post on social media reminding everyone
“be nice” and announced that they would be giving away free cupcakes on Tuesday.

“Today we offer you conscious muffins while they last,” they wrote.

‘Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a day for YOU! A new day that will make you feel special. A new opportunity for mindfulness and kindness,” they continued.

“Come and get a free muffin on Tuesday 28/05 and enjoy your morning brew!”