Heat alert – Delhi records record high temperature – DW – 29/05/2024

Temperatures in India’s capital, Delhi, rose to record highs on Tuesday – nearly breaching the 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) mark in regions – amid a weeks-long heatwave that is now threatening water shortages.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) reported “severe heatwaves” as temperatures reached 49.9 degrees Celsius at two stations in Delhi’s suburbs, Narela and Mungeshpur. The weather department issued a red alert for several parts of the country’s northwest on Wednesday.

Meteorological authorities said the temperature was nine degrees higher than expected.

This is the highest maximum temperature recorded this summer at any weather station in the city.

The locations in question have automatic weather stations that record data only from 2022. The data shows that Tuesday was the maximum temperature recorded so far.

As Indian media reported at the time, in May 2022, the temperature in some parts of Delhi reached 49.2 degrees Celsius.

Pakistan and India are struggling with an extreme heatwave

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Heatwave warning issued in the sweltering north

According to the IMD, a red alert issued for parts of the North West means there is a “very high likelihood” of people developing “heat illness and heat stroke” and calls for “special care” for vulnerable people.

People in northern India are struggling with unrelenting heat that has forced schools to close in some cities and towns. Hospitals have also seen a sharp increase in heat strokes, particularly among workers working outdoors.

Many forecasters blame the scorching temperatures in neighboring Rajasthan for Delhi’s heatwave.

On Tuesday, parts of Rajasthan – an arid state in western India – recorded temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius. The Phalodi desert region in Rajasthan holds the all-time record for warmth, reaching 51 degrees Celsius in 2016.

The heatwave coincided with India’s six-week general election, which ends on June 1.

India has completed the penultimate phase of the elections

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Authorities warn of water shortages

Delhi authorities have restricted water supply to some areas while warning the general public about water shortages in the mega city.

Water Minister Atishi Marlena called for “collective responsibility” to avoid wasting water.

Delhi authorities have cut off water supplies to some areas due to shortagesPhoto: Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times/Sipa USA/picture Alliance

“I appeal to all residents that, regardless of whether there is a water problem in your area or not, use it very carefully,” Atishi said on Tuesday.

The Indian express Meanwhile, the newspaper quoted her as saying: “To address water scarcity, we have taken a number of measures, such as reducing water supplies from twice a day to once a day in many areas.”

“The water saved in this way will be rationed and delivered to areas affected by water shortages, where the supply lasts only 15-20 minutes a day,” said Marlena.

April, May and June are generally the hottest months in India, with monsoons arriving in July. The hottest months are usually accompanied by water shortages and cuts that affect millions of people.

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