‘TriMet Barber’ – Jared Walter accused of photographing women in public restrooms

A convicted sex offender appeared in court on Tuesday.

Jared Walter is accused of photographing women using public toilets. He faces 32 counts of invasion of privacy.

Walter is known by his nickname “TriMet hairdresser” because he had previously given women haircuts on buses and smeared their hair with bodily fluids.

“You will hear about a man, Mr. Jared Walter, who went through Portland, many businesses, downtown and other parts of the city, recording these women without their consent,” Multnomah County Prosecutor Julian Samuels said during Tuesday’s opening statements.

Prosecutors allege Walter recorded video of the 13-year-old in a Providence Park bathroom. They presented a video recording from the crime scene.

“You’ll see that Mr. Walter was in this bathroom at the stadium at one point, and once he’s in that bathroom, he goes to another bathroom and changes his appearance,” Samuels said.

Police eventually obtained a search warrant for Walter’s phone; prosecutors say they found recordings of many women using bathrooms.

Walter’s lawyer told the jury that he was not guilty of the crimes charged, according to legal definitions under current law.

“In order to find Mr. Walter guilty, the state must prove to you that Mr. Walter filmed these people in a state of nudity. “Nudity has a legal definition,” said Jonathan Sarre, Walter’s lawyer. He continued: “Oregon law defines nudity as the genitalia, pubic area and breast area, which is part of the breast area.”

Prosecutors showed the jury security camera footage, one of which showed a man – prosecutors said was Walter – entering the women’s restrooms at Rialto Pool Hall on April 28, 2023.

“I am going to ask you to find Mr. Walter innocent because the facts will not be consistent with the law,” Sarre said.

Court documents dated September 8, 2023 show that prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Walter, in part because he has already been convicted twice for sex crimes.

The prosecutor’s office claims that Walter suffers from a serious personality disorder and is prone to crimes that seriously threaten the life and safety of others.

Walter’s defense attorney claims that Walter is not guilty of the crimes for which he is currently on trial.