Drag racing boys lose to vigilant officers: Police Blotter from Mayfield


Imprudent Operation: Interstate 271

Officers stopped two vehicles racing at speeds of up to 180 km/h around 11:30 p.m. on May 23.

The drivers, a Shaker Heights boy and a Bedford Heights boy, both 17, were cited for speeding and street racing, and their parents were notified of the incident.

Suspicious activity: Wilson Mills Road

The caller said on May 22 that she saw a car at a gas station with an elderly man and two teenage girls in the back seat. She said they had no contact with each other and she feared the teenagers might be victims of human trafficking.

She provided her registration number in case there were any reports of human trafficking.

Welfare Check: Parkview Drive

On May 24, a parent called 911 to report that her son had been trapped on playground equipment for 45 minutes.

The boy went down on his own and was not injured.

Solicitor’s Complaints: Aintree Park Drive

A resident reported on May 24 that a man was on her porch asking for pest control.

Officers found the man and informed him about the solicitation ordinance. He said he would call his supervisor to pick him up in the area.

A second complaint seeking assistance was received several hours later at a home on Hanover Road.

Officers located the man on Hardwood Court and advised him he needed to obtain a permit.

Disturbance: Hickory Hill Drive

Officers received a report of a loud party during which minors could drink alcohol just before midnight on May 24, but found no traces of such a party.

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