‘All eyes on Rafah’: 45 civilians killed in Israeli attack, sparking global outrage | Top updates | World News

According to reports, as many as 45 people, including children, were killed as a result of an Israeli airstrike in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip. The incident sparked global outrage, with celebrities from around the world condemning Israel’s actions as tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East.

Smoke rises from Israeli attacks during the Israeli military operation in Rafah, seen from Khan Younis in southern Gaza, (Reuters)(REUTERS)

Most of the people killed in the Israeli airstrike were staying in tents in a refugee camp. A few days ago, the same area was hit by Israeli shelling, which caused a massive shelter fire. The tent camp inferno has sparked widespread international outrage, including among some of Israel’s closest allies, over the military’s expanding offensive on Rafah.

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The series of Israeli attacks on Rafah began on Sunday, hours after Hamas fired multiple rockets at Tel Aviv, most of which were intercepted by the country’s complex defense systems.

Israeli airstrike in Rafah: top updates

On Tuesday, Gaza government officials confirmed that 45 civilians had been killed in Israeli airstrikes and shelling near Rafah. Airstrikes began on Sunday, leaving hundreds of refugees with shrapnel and burns.

Israel’s attack came days after the International Court of Justice ordered the country to halt its operations in Rafah, sparking global outrage and condemnation from close allies.

In a statement, Israel called the civilian deaths a “tragic accident” and said the massive fire in the refugee camp was not caused by airstrikes alone.

The Israeli military suggested that Sunday’s fire at the tent camp may have been caused by secondary explosions, possibly caused by Palestinian fighters’ weapons. They said the Israeli munitions were “too small a source” to cause a fire.

Shortly after the raids, millions of social media users, including celebrities, athletes, actors and politicians, posted a photo titled “All eyes on Rafah.” The photo shows shelter tents in Rafah, where as many as 1.4 million civilians are seeking shelter.

Strikes over the past few days have affected areas west of Rafah where the military has not ordered the evacuation of civilians. Israeli ground troops and tanks operate in eastern Rafah, central parts of the city and along the Gaza-Egypt border.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, only one medical facility in Rafah is operational due to constant attacks and shelling by Israeli forces. They also said all major aid routes into the territory had been cut off.

(With inputs from AP)

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