Jefferson Hills man accused of waving a gun at passing cars while mowing the lawn – WPXI

JEFFERSON HILLS, Pa. — Several drivers called 911 last weekend when they said a man was mowing the lawn and waving a gun at cars passing on Clairton Road.

“It’s very disturbing. Whoever he is, I hope he goes to jail or gets in trouble,” Kaelin Thomas told Channel 11.

Thomas works at Al’s Cone Zone on Clairton Road — near where police say Michael Bloom was mowing the lawn last weekend and pointing a gun at passing vehicles.

Some of these drivers went to the ice cream parlor.

“People just want to get ice cream. They don’t want to see guns around their children. They are definitely not here for that,” she said.

At least six people called 911 that evening to report Bloom. One of the drivers had a 3-year-old girl in the car and told officers: “The man was holding a lawnmower with one hand and pointing a gun at passing cars, including her own.”

When officers arrived at Bloom’s home, they found that he appeared to be drunk and was slurring his words. Police say he admitted to having the gun and gave a reason for what he was allegedly doing.

According to investigators, Bloom became increasingly frustrated with cars passing his home and decided to wave a gun at drivers to slow down.

“It’s a state road. Speed ​​limit is 35 miles per hour. Obviously it’s frustrating, people are going crazy in all areas, not just in Jefferson Hills,” said Jefferson Police Chief Ron Dziezgowski.

Chief Dziezgowski added that officers frequently patrol Clairton Road and residents should leave it to them.

“Unfortunately, this individual took it into his own hands thinking that brandishing a firearm would slow people down. You can’t do it this way,” he said.

Bloom is out on bail and has no prior criminal history.

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